What is the price structure with Canal, Direct, Door or Gate service?

Canal, Direct, Door, Gate service fee consists of VPG(*1) setup fee, basic fee, and SORACOM Air VPG option fee. SORACOM Canal, Direct or Door (one of the three) is required to enable SORACOM Gate to create private network with your device and create private network connectivity to your devices.

Each charge is described below:

  1. VPG Setup Fee
    • Initial VPG setup fee
  2. Basic Fee
    • Consists of VPG basic fee + network connectivity fee(Connectivity from VPG to your network)
    • Basic fee will be charged based on active VPG hours. Once setup, you cannot suspend the charge.
    • If you do not want to be charged, you need to delete VPG and network connectivity setting in Soracom environment. This will be per group, not per Air SIM.
  3. SORACOM Air VPG Option Fee
    • Option fee per SIM in a group attached to VPG. This is a daily basic fee and will be separate from SORACOM Air for Cellular daily basic fee. 
    • If you want to use SORACOM Gate with Canal/Direct/Doorを to remotely access your device, you can attach Air SIM to VPG whenever you need remote access to save this fee.
  • Setup Fee
  • Hourly Fee
  • SORACOM Air VPG Option fee(*2) for each Air SIM in a group using Canal
  • Setup/ Settings Update Fee
  • Hourly Fee
  • SORACOM Air VPG Option fee(*3) for each Air SIM in a group using Direct
  • Setup/ Settings Update Fee
  • Hourly Fee
  • SORACOM Air VPG Option fee(*2) for each Air SIM in a groups using Door
  • Setup Fee for Type-C(for Canal) and Type-D(for Door/Direct)
  • Hourly Fee for Type-C and Type-D
  • SORACOM Air VPG Option fee(*2) for each SIM card in a group using Gate

For actual pricing, please refer to「Pricing Structure

*1:VPG(Virtual Private Gateway)is an important component to fully utilize SORACOM services. VPG provides a customer-specific gateway that is prepared individually according to customer requests. A great example would be to connect SORACOM environment to your own Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) in Amazon Web Services(AWS) securely over private network. When using SORACOM Canal to peer SORACOM VPG with AWS VPC, SORACOM Direct to directly cross connect Soracom network to on-premise servers or a cloud provider, or SORACOM Door to connect SORACOM network to on-premise servers or cloud providers over Virtual Private Network(VPN), VPG needs to be configured.

*2:VPG Option Fee applies to all the Air SIMs in a group using Canal/Door/Direct/Gate services. If you have 10 Air SIMs in your group connecting to AWS VPC using Canal, 10 times the VPG option fee will be charged.

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