Can I customize how my Harvest graph looks?

No, you cannot customize the graph. Each graph is rendered automatically based on the data that is sent to Harvest. The graph axes and labels are determined by the data values, and cannot be customized.

However, you can control a limited amount of the graph's behavior:

  • Clicking a chart type button will switch between line, bar, and stacked-bar charts.
  • Clicking an item in the graph legend will toggle its visibility.
  • Double-clicking an item in the graph legend will hide all other items.
  • Enabling auto refresh will make the graph check for new data every 5 seconds. If there is new data, it will be automatically added to the graph.

Note: By default, the Harvest graph will only display 100 elements within the specified time period. When auto refresh is enabled, the graph may display more than 100 elements when refreshed.

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