What is special about Global Air SIM?


Here are the characteristics of our Global Air SIM.

  • Global Air SIM connection point is in AWS Frankfurt region(eu-central-1) now.
  • Depending upon your location, there might be some latencies. 
    • For connection point, please refer to Developer Site for more information.
    • Frankfurt will be used as the connection point even if you use Global Air SIM within Japan.
  • The devices for Global Air SIM need to be at least SIM free, capable of roaming and compatible with the local cellular bands.
    • To use our Global Air SIM in Japan it must be compatible with NTT Docomo 3G network bands and is JP Technical Standards compliant.
    • To use our Global Air SIM in Other countries, it must be compatible with the local bands where the SIM is used and necessary compliance in that country. (Please research available bands and mandatory compliance before using the Global Air SIM)
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