When I change my Air SIM from Suspended to Active, how long do I have to wait until it can connect?


When you set an Air SIM to the Active status, it will be able to create a new session and start communicating immediately.

However, depending on the timeout, sleep, or other configuration of your device, your device may not attempt to create a new session for some time.

If you want to establish a connection immediately, first set the Air SIM status to Active, then reboot your device, disable and re-enable the Air SIM network adapter, or use another method to manually initiate a new session request.


Please note: the User Console will not automatically refresh the Air SIM status, so the session may still show Offline even though your device has already connected. You can re-check the status of your Air SIMs by clicking the Refresh button in the User Console, or by reloading the page.

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