When changing an Air SIM from “Suspended” to “In Use,” how long will it be connected for?


The amount of time it takes to connect varies by device. If you want to relaunch a connection immediately, first set the SIM to “Active” and then reconnect from the device.

When you set a SIM to “Active”, it will be able to communicate with the SORACOM system immediately. However, it will not go online until the device itself reconnects. Because some devices may use a longer timeout interval before reattempting to connect, it may take longer than expected. In that case, it may be better to reconnect manually from the device.

Note that the display of the User Console also does not currently automatically reload. This means that you must manually refresh the User Console (via the Refresh button or by reloading the web page) in order to check its latest state. If your device is communicating but the User Console displays as “Offline,” please try refreshing the screen.

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