Can I cancel my Soracom account?

Yes. You may terminate your Soracom account at any time from a link in our User Console.

Please click "Terminate account" under "Support" Button on the top right corner.

Please note that for an account to be terminated, all SIMs, Sigfox/LoRa devices and VPGs attached to the account must be terminated first.

If you have not terminated your SIM and VPG, please first log into the User Console and terminate them all. You will also need to terminate all resources that is require

Please also refer to the instructions below for more information.

SIM termination steps:

  • Log into the User Console:
  • Place a checkmark next to each Air SIM you wish to terminate.
  • From the dropdown menu, select "Terminate". On the SIM Termination dialog, switch Off "Termination Protection" if it is enabled.
  • Click the "Terminate" button on the dialog.  
    • The basic fee is calculated on a daily basis from the start date of use to terminate date. For details, please see the pricing page.

VPG termination steps:

  • Log into our User Console:
  • Select "VPG" from the menu on top-left corner of the User Console.
  • On the VPG detail page, Open the "Advanced settings" tab.
  • Click the "Terminate" section at the bottom of that page, then click the "Terminate" button on the screen.  

After you have completed the procedures above but still cannot delete your account, please contact support so our support team will process your request to close your account. The account will be closed after final billing is cleared. Please note that all information associated with the account will be deleted, and this operation cannot be undone. You can still sign up again in the future, but you will need to start over and set everything up from the beginning.

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