After I register my Air SIM, why does the status automatically change to Active?


Immediately after you register an Air SIM, its status is updated to Ready, indicating that it is ready to begin communication.

As soon as the device begins communicating, the status will be updated to Active.

In some cases, your device may begin communicating shortly after you register your Air SIM, and appear to jump directly to the Active status on the User Console.


If you want to prevent your device from communicating, simply set its status to Inactive from the User Console by clicking the checkbox next to the Air SIM, clicking the Actions menu, and selecting Deactivate, or by using the Soracom API.

When your Air SIM status is set to Inactive, your device may continue to attempt to initiate a new session (reconnect). However, new sessions requests will be rejected, so no data usage fees will be incurred.


Please note: Although an Air SIM with Inactive status will not incur any data usage fees, it will continue to incur a basic daily fee. If you do not intend to use your Air SIM for a long period of time, you can change the status of your Air SIM to Suspended for a reduced basic daily fee (additional fees apply). For further information, please refer to: What is the difference between the Inactive and Suspended status of an Air SIM?

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