Can I control how my Air SIM connects to the network to restrict access?


Yes, Soracom offers several ways of controlling how your Air SIM devices connect to network services and resources. Below are a few examples of commonly used methods:


Setting Custom DNS Servers

SORACOM Air allows you to manually specify your choice of DNS servers, so that you can control which servers your device uses when resolving domain names. Unlike setting custom DNS servers directly on your device, you can manage Custom DNS settings remotely from the User Console, and update settings for multiple Air SIM devices in a group.

When more granular access restrictions are required (such as using a DNS server that you control on your private network), you can combine the Custom DNS setting with SORACOM Canal (below), so that your Air SIM devices will use your servers to resolve domain names.

For more information about configuring Custom DNS, please refer to the Developer Docs: Custom DNS section.


Connecting to your AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

SORACOM Canal is a service that creates a private connection between the SORACOM platform and your AWS VPC environment. Canal enables your Air devices to reach AWS services and resources located inside your VPC. You can also configure Canal settings so that your Air devices are limited to only communicate with your VPC, you can form a closed network.

For more information about configuring Canal for your VPC, please refer to the Developer Docs: Canal section.


Connecting to your On-premise Network or other Virtual Network

SORACOM Direct and SORACOM Door allow you to create a private connection between the SORACOM platform and your on-premise network or other cloud/virtual network (respectively). Similar to Canal, this allows your Air devices to reach services and resources located in your datacenter or on non-AWS cloud services.

For more information about Direct and Door, please refer to their respective pages:

Please note: SORACOM Direct and Door are available as a limited preview, and currently require an application to be enabled. If you would like to enable Direct or Door, please contact us for information on how to submit an application.

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