Can I limit Air SIM connection points in order to restrict access?


Yes, it is possible. There are multiple ways of restricting access on a SORACOM-connected service. A summary follows below. Please select the feature or service that matches your specific needs.

SORACOM Air Custom DNS feature

This feature lets you assign a specific DNS server address to a device using an Air SIM. You can use a DNS set to resolve only specific site names that you authorize in order to control access. Note that where more granular access restrictions are required, the service should be used in conjunction with Canal. Note also that this solution is appropriate when the DNS settings of the device are within your control — a device's DNS settings can override any Custom DNS settings you may have specified.


This service creates a private connection between the SORACOM platform and your environment on the AWS VPC. You can configure your settings to limit communication from the device to your VPC and create a closed network.


These services allow you to connect on-premises and other cloud services not on AWS to the SORACOM platform through a dedicated line or virtual network. This service works like the aforementioned Canal and can be used in cases where your servers are not on the AWS VPC.

* SORACOM Direct and Door are offered in the form of a limited preview. You must apply to use these services.

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