Can I access my device connected through Air SIM from external network?


Yes, you can use the SORACOM Gate service, or a relay server (e.g. via SSH tunneling), to access the device using our Air SIM externally.

private IP addresses is assigned to devices using Air SIMs which access the outside world through a NAT setup. As you cannot traverse NAT, devices cannot be accessed directly from the outside network by default.

Using SORACOM Gate

Gate service enables you to remotely access devices in a secure way. Devices can also communicate with each other using this Gate services. For details on how to set this up, please refer to SORACOM Gate service details page below.

How to use a relay server

This is not a direct connection to the device, but to go through a relay server by utilizing SSH tunneling or other tunneling method to access the device. Please see below blog post for details:

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