How do I connect to my Air SIM device from my private or external network?


By default, each Air SIM device is automatically assigned a private IP address each time it connects, and there is no way to connect to the device from an external network.

However, you can connect to your Air SIM device from an external network (such as your organization's private network) by using the SORACOM Gate service, or by configuring a relay server such as with SSH remote forwarding.


Using SORACOM Gate

The SORACOM Gate service enables you to remotely access your Air SIM devices as if they are located on your local private network. Gate allows you to enable bi-directional communication without configuring a public IP address, NAT rules, or firewall restrictions. Gate also allows your Air SIM devices to communicate with each other. For details on how to set up Gate, please refer to the SORACOM Gate page.


Using a Relay Server

While not a direct connection, you can connect to your Air SIM device by using a relay server to establish a tunnel connection. For example, you can configure SSH remote forwarding on your device to a relay server. That way when you connect to the relay server, the connection is forwarded to the Air SIM device.

Although using a relay server may be appropriate for a small number of devices, per-device configuration will depend on your chosen tunneling and remote connection method. For an example with SSH remote forwarding, please refer to the following blog post:

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