What is the difference between an “Inactive” Air SIM and one that is out of contract?


An “Inactive” Air SIM and “Teminated” Air SIM differ in the following ways. They differ in whether they can be reactivated and in the fees that apply.


  • SIMs that are inactive can be restarted at any time.
  • Communication via the SIM stops and data rates do not apply, but because the contract continues, base rates continue to apply. 
  • If you do not intend to use the SIM for some time, but want to use the same SIM later, rather than cancelling the contract, place the SIM into an Inactive state.


  • SIMs for which the contract has been cancelled cannot be used again. 
  • Once they are cancelled, the SIM contract ends and data rates and base rates cease to apply. 
  • If you no longer need the SIM and do not have any future plans to use it, use the cancellation option.

Below is a table describing the respective conditions for the two statuses.


  Inactive Teminated
Resume Use Possible Not possible

Basic charges


Continued fees until Terminated


Data charges

No No
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