What is the difference between an Inactive and a Terminated Air SIM?


An Air SIM can be set to an Inactive status when you want to disable data communications for the device. When set to Inactive, the Air SIM will continue to incur a basic daily fee, however all session requests will be rejected, ensuring that you do not incur any data usage fees.

If you no longer need your Air SIM, you can Terminate it in order to stop all fees. Please note: Terminating an Air SIM is permanent and cannot be undone. Once terminated, an Air SIM cannot be re-activated.


The following table provides an overview of the difference:

  Inactive Terminated
Can be re-activated? Yes No
Basic daily fees Yes No
Data usage fees No No


If you would like to disable your Air SIM for an extended period of time, you can also set its status to Suspended. For information on the difference between Inactive and Suspended status, please refer to: What is the difference between the Inactive and Suspended status of an Air SIM?

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