Can I resize or reissue Air SIM?


Japan Air SIM (plan-D)

For Japan Air SIM, resizing or reissuing will be done with the administrative fee stated in Soracom Japan agreement. Please contact support if you need to request one.

However, as long as there is no special circumstance such as keeping MSISDN (phone number), purchasing a new Air SIM will be cheaper and faster. Therefore we recommend you buy a new Air SIM and discard the old one.

Depending on the number of SIMs, purchasing them from Amazon rather than purchasing SIM from our User Console will reduce the total cost including shipping. If ordering less than 3 SIMs, Amazon will be cheaper even with the shipping cost.

The process of SIM resize/reissue is the followings: The number of days this process takes depends on the addressee, but please expect 1 to 2 weeks for the replacement to arrive.

  1. Please contact us from Support Center and inform us that you wish to resize/reissue an Air SIM with the old Air SIM IMSI(You can find this in your "SIM details" under "SIM Management").
  2. We will issue a new Air SIM(Once the new Air SIM is issued, your old Air SIM stops working)
  3. Soracom will ship your new Air SIM
  4. Please return your old SIM  to Soracom.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as the old Air SIM can not be used in conjunction with the new Air SIM as described above along with the time it take for administrative processes to complete.

 Japan Air SIM (plan-K)

For plan-K SIM, we do not accept resizing/reissuing SIMs. Please buy new one for resizing/reissuing.

Global Air SIM

With the service area dispersed across the globe, we cannot reissue or resize Global Air SIM.

Please repurchase them either through our User Console or Amazon if your country has one. Depending on the number of SIM cards, Amazon might be cheaper with the shipping cost. 

Global Air SIM is precut and can be break it into all three sizes(Mini, Micro, and Nano) by hand without using SIM cutter. Please be very careful and make sure you cut it to the size your device requires. Below is the size you 

If you need a Nano, you cut the sim down to the very left, Micro to the middle(Just cut off the right plastic frame), and Mini to the right(Just cut off the SIM part from the original plastic card).

If you cut your SIM too small by accident and use the plastic frame to adjust the size, please be extra careful as the plastic frames can easily come off and stuck inside the device when inserting or replacing SIM. This will potentially damage your device so please use SIM Adapter if you have one available. Soracom also sells below SIM adapter on Amazon.

※This type of SIM adapters are intended only for temporary use. Please cut the SIM to the size your device requires to avoid issues.

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