What is the difference between the Inactive and Suspended status of an Air SIM?


Functionally, both Inactive and Suspended will disable all data communications for an Air SIM. The difference is in the amount of fees incurred for each status. Both statuses are provided so that you can select an appropriate option based on how long you want to disable your Air SIM.


When an Air SIM is set to Inactive:

  • The same basic daily fee applies, as when the device is in the Active state
  • There are no fees to change an Air SIM to the Inactive status

If you only need to disable your device for a short period of time, this is typically the best option to choose.


When an Air SIM is set to Suspended:

  • The basic daily fee is reduced to the Suspended status basic fee
  • A fee is incurred each time an Air SIM card is changed to the Suspended status

Although changing an Air SIM to the Suspended status will incur a fee, the basic daily fee is reduced, making this option more economical when you need to disable your device for an extended period of time.


For additional details of basic daily fee, please contact us.

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