What is the difference between the “Suspended” and “Inactive” states on an Air SIM?


Charges applied to an Air SIM respectively vary for the Inactive and Suspended states. Please select a state based on how long you intend to deactivate the device.

  • Inactive state
    • The base pricing structure is the same as that when the device is in the Active state. No fees are incurred for changing settings.
    • If halting a device for a short period of time, this is the best state to choose.
  • Suspended state
    •  The base pricing structure is designed around the Suspended state. Note that fees are also incurred each time a SIM card is changed.
    • While fees are incurred for changing settings, the base rate is lower, so this option is recommended for long-term deactivations.

For details on the various states and pricing structures used for Air SIMs, please refer to the price table. You will find a pricing table describing data communication and pricing for each state.

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