How does the API reference structure work?

The API reference consists of an API group that integrates individual APIs, the details of each API, and a description of the Request/Response.

1. API Groups

The API reference allows you to group APIs based on their role. Major groups and roles are described below.


Issue and inspect API keys, API tokens, and password reset tokens

Credential Create, update, and delete authorization records
Operator Create operators, update registered data, change passwords
Role Set permissions for SAM users
ShippingAddress Operations pertaining to shipment of direct-sale units
User SAM user settings, controls, and permissions
Subscriber Poll, control, and release SIM data
Billing Poll billing data
Payment Create, update, and delete coupon codes and credit card data
EventHandler Poll, create, update, and delete event handlers
Order Check product order status, create estimates, and approve
Stats Poll communications log
Group Group creation, settings, and deletion
VirtualPrivateGateway Create, change, and delete VPG, and operate Soracom Gate

2. API details screens

The individual API screens are structured as follows. Authorizing an account from the authorization form at the top of the API reference will allow you to actually launch the API. For steps on launching the API, refer to the section entitled, “How do I use the API reference to launch the SORACOM API?” in the FAQ.

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