Can I disconnect or delete a specific 3G/LTE session?


Yes, you can delete (disconnect) a specific 3G/LTE session from the User Console or by using the Soracom CLI (soracom-cli).


Deleting a session will end all active connections to/from the device. If your device is located in a separate location, ensure that it is configured to automatically reconnect and establish a new session, or that you are able to manually establish a new session using a method that does not rely on 3G/LTE connectivity.

If you delete the session remotely without an appropriate automatic or manual reconnect method, you will lose connectivity to your device and will need to physically access the device in order to restore the connection.


Method 1: User Console

  • From the User Console, click the check box next to the Air SIM you want to disconnect.
  • Click the Actions menu and select Delete session.



Method 2: Soracom CLI (soracom-cli)

Execute the following command, replacing <IMSI> with the IMSI number of the Air SIM you want to disconnect:

soracom subscribers delete-session --imsi <IMSI>

For additional information on installing and using soracom-cli, please refer to the Developer Docs.

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