SORACOM Air SIM for Global Troubleshooting Guide


If you are unable to connect to the network using the Air SIM for Global, please follow these two steps to check your settings:


Step 1 - Checking the settings on your SORACOM account

In order to start using the Air SIM Global, you must create a SORACOM account and register your SIM. Please access the user console and make sure that your SIM has been registered.

If your SIM is registered, your ICCID will be displayed on the user console. For how to create a SORACOM account and register your SIM, please read the user guide for the user console.


Step 2 - Checking the settings on your device

(1) Checking if your device is compatible with the Air SIM Global

Air SIM Global can be used with SIM Free 3G/GSM devices; however, the user must ensure that their device is compatible with the operating frequencies of the country and carrier which they intend to use. Air SIM Global cannot be used with incompatible devices. 

(2) Checking if your device has a signal

Check your device to see if it is receiving a signal. If an antenna graphic is displayed with the 3G or GSM icon, your device should be connected to the network. If you are still having connectivity issues, please check your carrier settings, APN settings, and the SIM condition according to the following steps.

  • Is the SIM recognized?
    • If your phone is displaying a message stating the no SIM is inserted, or if the SIM icon is displayed, your device is not recognizing the SIM card. Power off your device, remove the Air SIM Global, and make sure that the SIM is inserted in the correct orientation and that it is not damaged. If your device fails to recognize the SIM even after rebooting, or if the SIM is significantly damaged upon visual inspection, please obtain a replacement SIM. 
  • Is the antenna graphic displayed?
    • If the antenna graphic is not displayed on the screen, you will need to select your carrier manually. Go to the settings menu, and select the carrier you intend to use. If your desired carrier cannot be found, there is a possibility that you do not have a signal for that carrier; please change locations and try again. 
  • Is the 3G or GSM icon displayed?
    • If the 3G or GSM icon is not displayed on the screen, there is a possibility that your APN settings are incorrect or that they have not been entered. Check the APN settings on your device to see if they are correctly set. For how to enter your APN settings, please refer to the "Begin Using SORACOM" section of the Getting Started manual.


If you perform the above steps and your issue is still not resolved:

Please open a support ticket and provide the following information.

  • Operator ID
  • Air SIM Global ICCID
  • Details on device currently in use (manufacturer, model number, device name)
  • Details of issue (steps to reproduce, symptom etc.)
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