Can I manually assign a global IP address to Air SIM?

No, you cannot manually assign a global IP address to Air SIM. But depending on your use case, there are some alternatives you can try.

(1)Fixing the source IP address from Air SIMs

In this type of scenario, you can use our VPG "Fixed Global IP address" option to specify two sets of global IP addresses. Your Air SIM source IP will be coming from one of the two fixed global IP addresses. Because your VPG is attached to a group, all the Air SIM that is associated to this group will use the same global Ip addresses.

Please also refer to this log entry for more information about "Fixed Global IP Address Option"

(2) Want to access the device connected with SORACOM Air SIM through global IP address

At this point, you cannot access your device using global IP addresses. The global IP address that is automatically assigned possibly changes every time you reconnect to our network. Even if you enable Fixed Global IP. 

If you need to access a device with Air SIM from outside network, please refer to below FAQ.

FAQ: "Can my device connected through Air SIM be accessed from external network?"

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