How do I match my eSIM (Chip SIM) serial number and ICCID?



In the SORACOM User Console, all eSIMs (Chip SIMs) are listed with its 19-digit ICCID number. However, the eSIM (Chip SIM) has a 24-digit serial number printed on the chip itself.

To determine which eSIM (Chip SIM) corresponds to a particular ICCID (or vice-versa), you can match the 11th through 22nd digits of the eSIM serial number with the 8th through 18th digits of its ICCID.

For example, for an eSIM with the following serial number:

73018000 (digits 11-16 in bold)
01234599 (digits 17-22 in bold)

It will match the following ICCID:

8942310018000123459 (digits 8-18 in bold)

Please note: within the matching numbers, the ICCID will have three digits between the 4th and 6th digits, whereas the eSIM will have four digits in the same location. In this example, the ICCID has three zeros after "018", whereas the eSIM has four zeros after "018".


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