ICCID to eSIM(Chip SIM) serial number matching



In SORACOM User Console, all the eSIMs(Chip SIMs) are listed with 19 digit ICCID, but an eSIM(Chip SIM) has a 24 digits serial number printed on the chip. 


To much the two, you need to match the digit 11 to 22 of the eSIM serial and 8-18 digits in ICCID.

For example, if your eSIM serial is below, take the number in bold




and compare this with below ICCID


Please note, ICCID has 3 (one less) digit in the 4th to 6th digits whereas the eSIM has 4 digits there. In this example, eSIM has 4 zeros after "018" and ICCID has 3 zeros after "018".


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