How can I contact SORACOM Support?What is a support ticket?

Contacting Support

Below would be the steps to cut a ticket to SORACOM Support after you viewed our FAQ page and could not find an answer in our FAQ page.

  1. Login to SORACOM User Console
  2. Click the right top "Support" -> "Contact us" menu and access our support center page.
  3. Click "Submit the request" link located on the top right corder next to your Operator ID.
  4. Type in all the information in the Request form and click "Submit" to create a support ticket
    • Please be as detailed as possible and include time it happened, occurrences, and business impacts.
    • Please only submit one inquiry per ticket to expedite the turnaround time.
    • For a particular resource in your account, please specify SIM IMSI and related resource IDs like group ID, VPG ID etc. 
    • Regarding how support ticket works, please refer to the next "What is support tickets?" section
  1. Please wait until one of our support engineers respond. You can check the status and updates on the support center page or via email sent from our support system.
  2. If you have any further questions, please respond to the original ticket from the support center page. If we do not hear from you for certain period of time, we might automatically close your ticket and change the status to "Resolved". You may reopen "Resolved" tickets if you have additional questions.
    • You can respond to our support ticket from email, but if you send it from an address aside from the registered email address, we might not be able to respond dues to account security so unless you are not able to access our support center page, please respond through our support center.

SORACOM's Support System

SORACOM support utilizes a ticket system and we handle your inquiry over this support ticket issued by our ticket system. 

Per request is transformed into a support ticket and all the related correspondences will be done inside this support ticket to prevent communication losses.

From the Creation to Closure

Support tickets can be in one of the below three status.

Status Description
Open Ticket newly created or SORACOM support is working on the ticket.
Pending SORACOM support responded to your ticket and pending your response.
Solved Responded to all inquires or we did not hear from you in a cecrtain period of time after our response. You can reopen "Solved" tickets from our support center page.
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