How do I create a SAM user in order to share access to my account?

You can allow other people in your organization to access to your Soracom account by using Soracom Access Management (SAM) to create and manage different users. Each user can be created with different roles or access privileges.

For example, your technical department may have full access to the User Console, while your accounting department may have read-only access to billing and payment information.

Adding and removing users is simple, and allows you to manage access to your Soracom account without having to share your Soracom root account login information.


Create a SAM user

  1. Login to the User Console with your Soracom account.
  2. From the top menu, click your account (email address) button, then click Security.

  3. In the Users tab, click Create a user.

  4. Enter the username you would like to use for this user. You can also optionally enter a description to help you identify the user. Then click Create.

  5. Your new user will be listed in the Users tab. Click the username to open its details.

  6. In the Permissions tab, enter the permissions that the user should have. For your convenience, several templates are available from the Select templates dropdown for common permissions. You may also refer to the Developer Documentation for help with the syntax. Once you are done, click Save.

  7. Next, click the Authentication tab. Underneath the Console login password panel, click Create password.

  8. Enter a password for this user, then click Set.

  9. Your SAM user is now ready to login to the User Console. In order to login, your SAM user will also need to know your Soracom Operator ID. If you do not know your Operator ID, you can find it from the top menu by clicking your account (email address) button:


Login as a SAM user

  1. Access the User Console login page.
  2. Click the Login as a SAM user link.

  3. Enter your Operator ID, Username, and Password to login.


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